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Previous Entry MBTA stuff Jan. 23rd, 2004 @ 05:07 pm Next Entry
I noticed this the other day, but thought that I'd cross-post this to a few communitites that might find this helpful...

more info here: http://www.secondkiss.com/mbta/

and since I'm posting about the MBTA some of you may be unaware of the Transportation Access Pass. It's a pass for the elderly and disabled. Many different disabilities qualify. I have it because I have traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and a seizure disorder and can't drive (due to seizures, and numbness) but there are many reasons a person can get the TAP pass. if your long-term medications say "do not drive while taking this drug" you may qualify. (Drugs for Bipolar disorder, depression and other mental illnesses may automatically qualify you for the pass). heart problems, neurological problems, breathing problems, physical and mental disabilities are all reasons people qualify...

Here's the info from the MBTA site:
Persons with disabilities: Reduced fare on all MBTA service with a Transportation Access Program (TAP) card. Certification application available by calling 617-222-5438 or TTY 222-5854 or at the Senior & Access Pass Program Office located at Back Bay Station. Open 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday - Friday. Medicare Card holders are automatically eligible. The TAP card costs $3. Subway service at most stations is 35¢ and regular local bus service is 25¢.
for more info on the TAP pass go here: http://www.mbta.com/traveling_t/disability_pwd.asp

(monthly bus/subway combo passes are now $16 and commuter rail is half price with the TAP pass). Call the MBTA for the form. it's a real easy process, they just need a medical professional (doctor, nurse, psychiatrist etc) to sign it, then you will know within a week if you qualify. I know lots of people with it... I've never known anyone to be turned down.
go here for more info on disability services: http://www.mbta.com/traveling_t/disability_index.asp

also the MBTA has an online trip planner you might find useful when going somewhere. :)
I just thought this info might be helpful for some of you. :)
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