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Gay Day @ Six Flags New England! - Massachusetts Resources

About Gay Day @ Six Flags New England!

Previous Entry Gay Day @ Six Flags New England! Sep. 8th, 2004 @ 12:48 pm Next Entry
Want a free ticket to Six Flags New England??

Sunday, September 19th is GAY DAY AT SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND in Agawam, Mass! We are looking for people who are willing to volunteer their time for 2 hours during the day and in exchange, we will give you free admission to the park for the entire day! This is the 8th year of the Gay Day @ Six Flags event and our first year expanding to a full blown Festival! The day will include all the rides and thrills at the park along with the Out In The Park Music Festival running from 3-8pm as well! We are looking for volunteers from 9.30am-8pm. BUT, we are only asking volunteers to work a 2 hour shift to get the free ticket! Bring a group of friends and we will put you at the same time so you can work and play together!

You must wear a red shirt the day of the event (t-shirts, polo's etc are fine)
You must be able to arrive for volunteer orientation at 9am the morning of the 19th.
You must be able to work any 2 hour shift throughout the day.(we will let you know that morning when you must come back if you have a later shift).

That's it! Many of you will get scheduled to help us near the stage and entertainers, some may be there to hand out information, some may have the joy of waiving entertainers and vendors to their spots...the number of jobs are enormous. We can however, promise that you will only need to help for 2 hours (unless you tell us you can give us more time).

Email me for more details and to volunteer email me at: oitp@cox.net

Hope to see you there!!!
Want to come to the event, but not volunteer? Tickets are only 27.99!!! Call 860-761-0011 to order your tickets today!
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